Quick Guide With 3 Simple Steps To Unclog Your Drain

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Oakland Plumber Came Out To Our Home To Unclog Drains

Do you need a same-day service to unclog drains in Oakland, CA? We can help! Our professional plumbers will get down and dirty for you. Clogged drains can ruin your day for sure, especially if they back up and overflow. Give us a call today to get your drain unclogged in a hurry!

How To Unclog Your Drain

How to unclog a drain, some common methods for unclogging drains include using a plunger, clearing the pipe (such as with a snake), or snaking it. Our Oakland plumbers know which method to use with your specific problem depending on what’s causing the clog and what the symptoms of the clogged drain are.

Unclogging a drain is one of the most common plumbing problems in Oakland, CA. If you need to unclog a drain then give us a call today! We have experienced technicians that can get your drains flowing again quickly and they will be able to find out what caused it so you don’t experience another clogged drain problem soon.

Unclog Drain On Your Own At Home

Should you want to clear your own drain at home without a plumber, here are a few steps you can try on your own.

1. Clear the drainpipe with a snake: The easiest thing you can do to clear a clogged drain pipe is to buy a flexible metal or plastic tube from any hardware store and push it down the drain to work out the kinks, then pull it back up a little at a time. If that doesn’t work, use a plunger: Place a plunger over the opening of your sink, cover it with water, and plunge until you feel suction or hear air escaping.

2. You can pour boiling water down the drain: This should loosen any debris sitting in the pipes

3. Just keep dumping things down there until something comes out: It’s not always going to work but if you’ve got some time and a ton of hot water, it might.

For a more visual walkthrough, check out this great guide from The Spruce, titled, “How to Unclog Any Drain in Your Home

Why You Might Want To Call A Plumber To Unclog Drains

It’s best to call a plumber. Unclogging drains is not always easy and can take hours or days of work. Some of these methods can cause more damage to the pipes, which will require the services of a plumber anyway. Calling a plumber when you need their help will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Oakland, CA homeowners can rely on our plumbers to unclog drains the same day you call. We know that clogged drains can ruin your whole day for sure because it back ups and overflows which is why we are available 24/365 in case of an emergency drain cleaning situation. If you need a professional Oakland plumber to unclog drains then give us a call today! Our technicians are available to help with your drain unclogging needs.

We stand behind each and every service call we do in Oakland. We do a great job for everyone we do plumbing services for. Thanks for checking out our new plumbers blog, we hope to see you soon! Remember to keep up on your routine plumbing maintenance to avoid costly plumbing or water damage repairs.

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